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Recipes Incubator.jpg
„Recipes incubator“ at Romanian Cultural Institute Lisbon

The Gallery of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Lisbon (Rua de Barão 10, Alfama) is hosting the exhibition "Recipes Incubator", digital painting and installation of the emerging visual artist Adriana Florea Băloiu from 6 to 14 September 2018. The opening will take place on September 6, 09.00 p.m., in the presence of the author.


The spectacle of the world can be overwhelming through the complexity and the brightness of  its action and scenery, but most of the time keeps silent, unnoticed, unapplauded at the never-ending finish. And not because it is never over, but because the participants, enthusiasts and resourceful in the beginning, are quickly exhausting their emotional resources and start indulging themselves in a convenient, aware sluggishness, placidly obeying the instructions of the "assembly line".

The show of the world is the show of the individual. One’s inner rhythm, assimilated by the constant, repetitive outside rhythm, with the unchangeable grotesque voluptuousness, marks for me the pretext of traveling to childhood, and borrow from memories a child’s gestural freedom to portray the unconditioned conformism that gradually is setting up in our evolution. This series of works proposes a satire of behavioral patterns, human psychology, as derivatives of the social mechanism, through a ludic monologue through which all fears and obsessions about our inner and outer boundaries and the human sisyphic character come to life.


Adriana Florea Băloiu

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