Artist: Adriana Florea Baloiu

Curator: Ioana Mîţu

Date: 31 October - 10 November 2019

Gallery: Go Contemporary

Location: The Landmark, Bucharest


We find ourselves in an unknown time frame, almost in the future, not there yet, but not quite in the present either. On a suspended net woven from memories. The past is the only constant, ubiquitous and almost integrated. We won’t say Adinuța has grown up or that she has evolved, we will only state that she has moved on, to a point where her answer to the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" is "I just want to be."

Observing her artistic path, Adina went from digging deep into her subconscious, an endeavour translated through pure expression in the exhibition In the subconscious lab, to the invocation of childhood, as the most beautiful and yet conflicting part of her life, as seen in the performative works of Adinuța and the stuffed bear. Synthesis followed while working in the digital format, in exhibitions such as Rhinoceritis and Recipes incubator. The transition from the material to the digital environment meant taking a step back for an overview. A shift from gestural painting to minimalism. What got lost in the translation? Nothing lost but rather metamorphosed. How do you manifest yourself when your body no longer allows you to dance? You dance through others, you dance in dreams, you continue to dance.

Somewhere near the fake future signifies Adriana's return to the dance floor. Her return to the canvas, to her brushes, in the "sacred space" of the workshop, in a new attempt of liberation. Without coded stops, the physical environment pulsates. And with life, chaos is reborn. But this time the artist wants to have some control. Freedom of movement is intended to be controlled by lines, points, geometries meant to map the chaos. An attempt to recover balance and align? Just as the stars in the sky seemingly align as the Big Dipper. What an illusion, because the stars are aligned only when seen from Earth.

And where do you stop when drawing an infinite universe? Adriana says that her work never ends and yet she accepts, submits and exposes herself.

"There is an obvious duality in all my projects, I find myself in between submissive observation and resignation, when it comes to collective reality, but also caught in between my own limitations and dreams, illusions, attempt to escape, hope and playing games for the sake of playing, a duality, in general terms, between affect and intellect, reason and feeling, between chaos and order."

Ioana Mîţu, exhibition curator